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Jeremy Roth, US Air Force


I appreciated MOJO since they require candidates to have a college degree – I had six on-site interviews, and one follow-up interview. I accepted a job offer from Johnson & Johnson, and still receive correspondence from the other companies I interviewed with. Military MOJO gave me much needed exposure and practice over a two-day period. I can’t express how vital this event was to the start of my Electrical Engineering Career.


Taylor Leeper, General Mills

Associate Recruiting Manager

We are in process of hiring several candidates from the September DC MOJO! One will start in Logistics at our World Headquarters in Minneapolis. Another will be starting at our Murfreesboro, Tennessee plant in a Manufacturing Leadership role.


Ryan Leigh, US Army


Just wanted to thank the entire Military MOJO team for setting up a great event in DC. I was lucky enough to have four interviews today before the big event tomorrow. I am truly excited about the opportunities provided by this top notch event.


Nick Devlin, US Army


I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I got hired by Stryker after meeting with them at the MOJO event in DC. Your organization put on an outstanding job fair. I have been to a few different events and MOJO was the most well organized and helpful out of the competition by far. Thank you for all the hard work you do and please share my appreciation with your team.

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