Industry Seminar

Industry Seminar or Workshop ($1500)

  • 30 Minute Company Presentation
  • Includes Audio Visual for Presentation
  • Premier Booth Location at Career Fair
  • Highlighted on Conference Schedule
  • Sponsor Signage & Banner Displayed
  • Snacks and Refreshments Provided

The Workshops & Seminars offer Sponsors an exclusive opportunity to showcase career opportunities, introduce your team – feature keynote speakers and engage directly with candidates before the career fair. Branding your military programs will raise awareness and drive qualified candidates to your company booth. Other Workshops may be presentations on Resume Writing, Interviewing, Compensation – professional advice to help transitioning veterans navigate the process. Sponsorships are highlighted on conference materials, our website and across social media. Contact Us for more info.

Private “Invite Only” Sponsorships are also available where Employers may reserve a longer block of time and present exclusively to a targeted candidate base. These sessions are tailored to your company preference and budget. We can streamline attendance through our MOJO registration page and prescreen candidates based on your criteria.

Private Interview Rooms are available on Thursday and Friday at the Career Fair – pricing from $500-$1000. Contact Us